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Nathaniel Erskine-Smith

Your member of parliament for

Beaches-East York


Political Blind Date: A Debate on Marijuana Legalization

Nate goes on a blind date with MP Garett Genius centered around marijuana legalization in Canada.

On the series debut of Political Blind Date watch Nate debate marijuana legalization with Sherwood Park-Fort Conservative MP Garett Genius. Check out the following links below:

Featured Links: 

1. Here’s the full episode of Political Blind Date, Ep. 1 – Weeds; 

2. Leading into the episode, Nate and Garett appeared on The Agenda with Steve Paikin

3. Q&A debrief in The Toronto Star after the blind date; 

4. Here’s the original front page article in the Star explaining the show’s premise;

5. With a Conservative MP recently comparing cannabis to fentanyl, we need to maintain our approach to evidence-based drug policy:

Cannabis isn’t as dangerous as alcohol, let alone fentanyl.

— Nate Erskine-Smith (@beynate) November 22, 2017

6. For those interested, The National Academy of Sciences published a comprehensive literature review in January 2017, finding both risks and benefits to cannabis use. For example, the report found that cannabis use prior to driving increases the risk of an accident, and that cannabis use is likely to increase the risk of developing psychoses, but also found significant therapeutic benefits in treating chronic pain, and for adults with MS and chemo-therapy induced nausea and vomiting.

Regulation and education (including strict advertising restrictions) will be more effective in addressing any risks than prohibition. And given cannabis is demonstrably safer than alcohol, our health priority should be to focus education and regulation efforts at least as much on the risks of alcohol use (80% of Canadians) than cannabis use (12%).

7. A September 2002 report published by the Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs, that concluded cannabis should be legalized.